Big Orphaned Cetacea

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Bag of Crap
$3.00 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Crappy

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In for 1!

Got one on the first try!


Do Want!

loading… this never works

nah, i think i’ll skip this one

WIN!!! Just scored Breakfast of Champions #3!!!

Second bag and second one in a row. Something must have changed. I had no luck in five years and now two in a row…!

no comment!! woot!

Got one! Singing ode to the Joy of Wooting!

woo hoo! My first one! finally

Finally! In for one.

nabbed one

wow… it’s been like 2 years since i got a BOC… I’m stoked!!

I gots me one Barnacle of Carpathia!

This seemed much easier and smoother than any BoC before… what is going on? How are they all not sold out already?

I’m in for one, hope its a Big’ole-box-of-crudiculous stuff!

I have my second Bloated Orca Carcass.

$8 for some crap? Sure, why not?


can you buy more than one?
I clicked too fast to check in fear of missing my chance.