Big Orphaned Cetacea

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Bag of Crap
$3.00 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Crappy

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Holy fastest bag of crap ever!

In for One

Scary fast…

Got it! Number 5!

First bag of carp :slight_smile:


just kidding :frowning:

Nice. Got my Bag. Thanks.

That was shockingly fast

Woot! My first BoC!

And the server burped on me.

Still loading… ugh

$8 for random crap?

what all would one get in a random crap bag?

i’ve never bought one or ever heard what people get.

Two in a row! The drought is officially over!

on 6/15/2011, you successfully wooted.
order 33848390
You want 1

Bag of Crap
You ordered 3 Random Crap.


Finally got my 3rd Bag of Crap!!!


yay this is my first Bag O’ Cosmos :slight_smile: I had a feeling it would be after the camera. I was ready on the button. And I was right!

In for one. I actually remembered the Woot Off was going on and just got here when the camera was almost sold out. I have the power of luck on my side today!

it wont let me buy one, i must be banned

I’m not sure what I’m more shocked about, the fact that the site didn’t crash, or the fact I nailed it and got one as soon as it came up.