Big Orphaned Cetacea

Amazing is the word…

A pox on your damn luck! Patooie…

I have 2…only TWO…to my name in the entire time since I became a wooter a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Lean over here and rub some of your good luck on me, willya? :wink:
(Unless you’re married or it would cause other problems in your life, that is.)

I knew…KNEW…to keep an eye on it during that timeframe today, but got preoccupied (life just HAS to go and get in the way at the most inconvenient times), and didn’t even notice I’d missed it til just now. pouty face

I am surprised by the lack of forum activity. Normally the posts would be flying by eventually with lolcats and Chuck Norris facts. Where is everybody?

In for one! Got in right away. I guess that no one had noticed yet.

My second Box of Cats.

Thanks Woot!

As always, thanks everyone for making the BoC such a fun event. I’ll let you guys know when the last BoC rolls off our docks. Our warehouse is really busy right now, so thanks for your patience.

There will be an old timepiece that someone got as a gift for attending a wedding, a signed Vanna White picture and a small bag of shredded twenty dollar bills from the Dallas Federal Reserve (not signed by Richard Fisher). I’ll let the other 99.9% remain a mystery.

Worked for me - please don’t change a thing …

  1. Sweet, anticipating the heads up in a few days.

  2. How many laughs do you all have when putting these together, especially gathering the really random items (like the 3 above, or the wrestling memorabilia from the last two BoCs)?

A few days may be too soon, young Maniacmous. But please know we are trying our best to get them out to you guys as fast as possible.

Yes, it is a lot of fun putting them together. However, the best part is when the recipient posts up and shares with the rest of the community what they received.

TPW - any chance in finding out what got botched with my order? I have my bank pre-auth number if that helps

Got one! Thank you Woot! Now, if I can only get my very first electronic fun item, that would be mucho gusto!! Either way, happy dance!!!

Hmm… Do you break out the alcohol before or after you put togethre the boxes? :wink: Haha I’m just glad I got another one.

I was lucky enough to get one last time (May), I received:

1 Knight Flight Batman
3 Pet Zoom Dog Brushes
1 Laptop Cooling Pad
1 Strawberry bag

This was the standard carp, a lot of people got additional items. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to score an extra item or two this time!

Wasn’t available to try for a bag this time but congrats to all the lucky recipients!

I don’t have access to that type of information, but please write to our awesome customer service team (at if you feel you need specific information about your account.

I have NEVER got a bag of crap.

Wanna sell your CRAP???

I buy for double your cost.

So who do I bribe to get the huge wooden monkey to be sent to me? lol

Plenty of people will sell you their carp. Trickier would be to get anyone to forward you their boc without opening it. For that you’d probably have to pay a lot more than sixteen bucks.

I see fellow wooters giving you links as to what one would get in a random crap bag. Bottom lines is “it does not matter what the crap is, only that you get some crap”. Game On!

I’ve gotten two BoCs … I can go back and look at the pictures I posted, but I’m too lazy to look.

Off the top of my head, I remember getting a Polaroid point-and-shoot camera, 4MP … in pink … and def’ a return, because there were pictures still stored in the internal memory and the language had been switched to Spanish. I keep it in my glovebox, and it works great.

Another bag I got two Zunes. Neither worked, but I went to the Zune site, registered the buggers and then returned them for repair under warranty. I sold them on eBay for $75-100 each as a refurb. I did the same thing with a broken Flip I got. Registered, returned, refurbed. My daughter still uses that.

Others are offering double the money for a bag. I’d never sell it. Every once and awhile a bag will contain something worth way more. And really, the fun is in the pursuit. To just go out and buy one off eBay is missing something.