Big Orphaned Cetacea


Finally got my 3rd Bag of Crap!!!


Bag #1 was AWESOME

Bag #2 SUCKED HARD (it was the one with the wookie purse where almost everybody got the same crap)

Bag #3 – to be continued…

In for my second BOC this year!

That was shockingly fast

This is odd. Servers are still up?

me gots one NICE

Woot Woot!! Got my first ever Baggy of Cheerios!!!

Can NOT wait!!!

In for 1! My fifth BOC, I’ve never had everything load so quick before!

in for one! here’s hoping it’s not like the last time I tried to get one (April 1, 2008) when woot servers crapped and they lost everyone’s BOC orders.

Finally went through! WOOT!

Got one! Thanks WOOT!

Dang, I know i’m not going to get it.

Oh well.

That was way too damn fast for me… I’m still surprised I managed to buy one this time! O_o

Wow. Almost a year to the day of my first BOC. I apparently only have good timing in June. Can’t wait to read what everyone gets.

Got one! Thanks woot!

I hit ‘Buy it’ and it’s stuck since then. Bah :frowning:

THIRD BOC Ever. Yeah ME! Sneaky Woot, this order did go through lickity-split, no pounding the desk as it appears the servers have crashed this time. I have a feeling all those on Pacific Time are at lunch, thinking the BOC will come up at 2pm and they missed it, letting me in. Yeah for me!

First BoC in like 3 years…back then I accidently bought a “single” BoC.

Pretty pumped!

Got my second BOC!

Given how smoothly I was able to get mine (order confirmed, yay!), there must’ve been some serious server upgrades done :wink:

In for my first!!!