Big Robot

looks like a robot built out of cheese

Dude, wait what?

It may just be me, but a robot made out of those tubes that connect dryers to vents and a sewer drain lid doesn’t seem like it’d be that hard to take in a fight.

Like most robots, it looks like it was constructed mainly from parts at a hardware store.

Not that I know from experience, or anything…

So this thing looks like it could just fall and crush an entire city. Wouldn’t be much of a war, eh?

Is that fire or hair coming out of his arms?

That’s uh…that’s a big robot…

Looks like “its war” to me. Anyone see an apostrophe? I couldn’t bear to be seen with a grammatical error on my clothing.

Does this robot also function as a can opener? You know, so we can say he’s opening a can of whoop-butt. (I don’t know if Woot would filter the actual word haha)

Yep, no apostrophe.

Line 20 has an error. It should read:
20 if |LEN| = 0 then GOTO 40

You left out the “Absolutely”.

Heh. Good God, y’all.

It’s not grammatically incorrect. The robot is describing some other object’s war :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s the mouse-constructed robot, 1.0

here was the REAL Rodents Revenge

They must have forgotten to program him with the first law of robotics.

I’m not sure where this could be worn outside of LAN parties or linux conventions.

Punctuation failure for the win!!!

looks like an outdated model thats just asking for it.

Clearly the robot’s message of “its war” is far deeper than one could imagine. Arguably, one could claim that the robot is providing a social commentary of how there is war, while he himself, a giant robot who should be causing havoc, is not causing war himself. Indeed, this shirt represents generations of people all at once who have been unable to share their distaste for war, though as seen through this shirt, they can all speak for themselves now.

got one!
the bf will love it :slight_smile: