Big Savings On Stuff To EAT!

That Bandar sauce was a Kickstarter project.

Whats with the cursing monkey on the product image? Is that supposed to make me want to buy something?

It didn’t pique your interest enough to click and find out WHY the monkey might be cursing? :slight_smile:

Some people need the attention…

The L’Epicurien PF341 Fresh Tomato Pesto…hmm…Fresh or French, as the label says? Not to say that French couldn’t be Fresh, mind you. Or Fresh couldn’t be French.

Ah - I see! Sold out of the Monkey Sauce! That would make any monkey curse.

I see no cursing, but the monkey is there because “bandar” is the word for monkey in various South Asian subcontinental languages.

teh moar u no

FRENCH it is!

Just so you know, this site is like, the Bible of Deviled Eggs…

Also, I cannot eat bowls or deviled egg plates.

Got the spices and the Southwest Se dona is stale. It is all clumped together, The other 2 seem fine it is just that one. Not very happy

I’d recommend emailing Woot Member Services. Include your situation, as well as your order number and user ID for quicker service.

Thanks they took care of it.