Big Screen TVs for Football Season

Are you ready for some football? No? How about another sport? :slight_smile: Who’d like to tell us about the quality of these TVs - how do you choose your big screen?

The VIZIO M421NV looks like a good deal and the reviews on amazon are great:

Does anyone here have any experience with it? We’re looking for a new TV for football season… Woot knows its audience well. :wink:

I snagged the Hisense 42 inch about 4 months ago full price from costco and haven’t looked back! I was nervous about the lack of information about the brand but its a champ.

Technically i have a very difficult time finding a fault with the (superlight , at least for me) LED!!display. The built in speakers are a bit tinny however so plan on at least using a soundbar.

All I can say is make sure and read through other threads recently about refurbished TVs offered here and make your own judgement call accordingly.

I purchased the Hisense 40" model and I could not be more pleased - it’s a great screen.

Paired with a wall mount I got at Amazon, and it’s fabulous for our place and my 8 kids!

LG is a good brand over all. I don’t know the quality of their refurbs though. Some people back VIZIO and really like them.
LED backlit is good when looking at TV’s because their lights should last longer. Plasma is the way to go if you just want a cheaper larger screen.

would any of these make a good computer monitor?

I have reservations about Vizio. Durability issues. Granted it’s a lot more abuse but a sports bar near here started with Vizio because they were so cheap and in 6 months they had replaced most of them with Samsungs. The tv I am looking to replace is 15+ years old.

I Also watch out the RCA and Sanyo models are only 4000 : 1 contrast. That was good about 8 years go . The HiSense for example is 50,000 : 1. Going to research the HiSense name and reputation

Be sure you don’t confuse Contrast Ratio and Dynamic Contrast Ratio!

C|NET gives you the inside scoop here:

Great prices, but if you spend a bit more you can get a NEW tv with a warranty at sams / costco.

I’m always wary of refurbished / used tvs. I just bought a 39" 1080p sanyo for $328 at sams and i regret nothing.

so what happens if the TV is damaged on route to you?

If there’s any damage, let know and they will help you figure those next steps!

I just picked up a M3D460SR.

This was woot #78! Been a fan of yall forever.

I have the Vizio E470VLE 47", though from a non-woot purchase. Definitely a good TV. Good sound, great picture. I’m satisfied with it. My only gripe, though, is that it has only 2 HDMI ports.

Yep. They should all work. As long as your computer has an HDMI out, then you can use any of them as a monitor.

I have a little 23" TV I use as my computer monitor since I don’t have an actual monitor.

"About Big Screens

You know what they say about a TV with a big screen? More pixels."

Is this supposed to be incorrect?

I just bought the M3D460SR…But a word of warning to people…My friend has bought 2 of these
deals on different TV’s from Woot and they both arrived broken :frowning: I guess it depends on how well its handled in shipping.

So there is no manufacturers warranty on these?

Can I use an infrared remote to control this one it sounds like it comes with a bluetooth one.

I, myself, am 64" tall.