Big Tree Big Sacks

Would love to get one or even 2 for the kids in the new house that we are getting.

Unable to find reviews on these. Info on the website is sparse. Can they be refilled, etc.

What’s the difference between Legend, Paramour and unbranded styles?

And Buckets are taller but smaller around, right. So better for sitting upright instead of lounging?

Yes, they can be refilled. There’s an outer zipper for the cover and an inner zipper to the foam guts.

Legend and Paramour refer to the fabric. Both are a corduroy-like fabric style (e.g. with little ridges). If you look at the pictures, you’ll see that the Legend’s ridges are further apart. Paramour’s ridges are closer together.

The Paramour felt a tiny bit softer to me but it wasn’t enough of a difference that it would influence my decision over the color I wanted.

check out Amazon “regular” prices before you think this is a great deal.

[MOD: Also watch the sizes when you’re doing those comparisons!]

What is up with the model’s arms? Doesn’t make this thing look very comfortable:

it actually looks like her elbows are dislocated.

Found these on amazon!

[MOD: Be sure to compare apples to apples (size)]

You just have to feel for that delivery guy…

Our young son has one of these and absolutely loves it, Great product!

Be sure to compare the sizes. We are selling the medium and buckets.

Medium - Woot: $174
Medium - Big Tree via Amazon: $219

Bucket - Woot: $129
Small- Big Tree via Amazon: $179

How do these compare to Lovesac’s. These seem very very cheap in comparison. Is it just a branding price diffrence?

I’m assuming the foam in these contains flame retardants. Woot- can you confirm?

Tee hee indeed. Writeup made me giggle.

I had no desire to order one of these, made it to this comment and now it is taking all the will power I have to resist ordering. With the mediums being 57" x 57" x 30" it may be worth it just to see the delivery guy carry the box in…

Hey boys and girls. Woot CS, here.

I ordered one of the medium Paramour bags myself. I didn’t see any tracking information uploaded for these yet, but I was able to track my order by reference with FedEx (using the order number and my shipping ZIP). I’m not sure whether or not they’ve all shipped, but if you’re getting antsy and want to see if yours has, it wouldn’t hurt to try that out. If not, I expect we’ll be sending the tracking links via email sometime soon.

Stay classy,

EDIT: Juuuuuuust got my shipping confirmation email.