That’s pretty cool

Yes, America is the devil… I thought Woot! was better than this, how foolish of me.

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Creator of the shirts what does this symbolize and what were you insprirations? - j. Rivers

Please keep this about the design and not about anything political. Here is a little more info about the design, which was made for a contest we were affiliated with: Shirt.Woot & Do512 Present: Winners of THE BIG ONE Design Contest! - #3 by benwyeth

Well, if you feature a design that can easily be mistaken for political, don’t be surprised if people react to it as political.

I get it, but the building is the Texas capitol building in Austin and there were previous negative comments about specific politicians that are not from Texas and do not have anything to do with the design…

So you’re saying it is about Trump?

It’s not about any person.

Loud and clear.

I think the TShirt is ugly, but why are people soooo sensitive? It doesnt seem political (based on the author’s words), but even if it were, shouldn’t the people getting so triggered not be… snowflakes? :slight_smile:

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