Bigfoot Research Institute

what the heck is that? horrible!

This can’t be the real bigfoot-- I mean, he’s just not blurry enough.

This is ironic…cause I was just looking at a coupon this evening for laser hair removal.

This is, quite simply, perhaps the strangest woot shirt ever offered.

Where is his bigfoot?? No foot=no believe

im not sure how i feel about this

The Men’s Small makes it look like a huge amount of hair is coming out of my pants. Not the best way of picking up women.

Sooo… It’s just a picture of Bigfoot? Nothing else? Kinda lame.

Cool Chewbacca shirt.

oh man, this is evoking alvin schwartz ‘scary stories’ covers…I’ll never sleep tonight!

edit: will any money from this go towards the writing center?

Oh I don’t know, at least he’s not making out with Nessie :smiley:

Seriously, this shirt scares me greatly ._.

Bigfoot kinda looks like the missing 5th head on Mount Rushmore.

The 826 writing organizations are a great cause. Thanks for supporting the kids of Boston, Jackie!

I want to believe.

Reminds me of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark book illustrations…



Hooray for Woot supporting 826 on 8/26.

You can also support them by donating $8.26 today. See for details.

As much as I love Ron Perlman, I don’t think I’d want a shirt with him on it.