Biggio Hamina Oregon Pinot Noir (3)

Interesting that Invino has 2008 Biggio Hamina Cellars XIV Red Blend Deux Vert Vyd, Yamhill, Willamette Valley for $16.99.

when Caroline and I started the winery, the main goal was to make superfood friendly, old world style wines. When we do make the wines we try to not go to the pantry in any way shape or form.Effectively we make wines like they did 80 years ago.

I believe that less is more. Because I can’t taste color, I don’t do anything to try to achieve color. I think if you really are going to try enjoy these wines you probably need some animal fat. What’s going to occur is that that level of the acidity is going to heighten the flavor any of the yummy meats that you eat. Those foods in turn will turn around and lift the wine.

When you marry a chef you have to make sure that you focus on these things.

Thanks for your participation here. Looking with interest at that deal on Invino, since we NYers are shut out at Woot for now.