BigMouth The Cat's Ass Salt and Pepper Shakers


May as well be a BOC

Quite possibly the rawest item I’ve seen on WOOT yet.

This has to precede an imminent bag of crap… Lol

ADQ would love these

And I thought the garden gnomes were bad…

I can’t see their expressions… Makes it worse!!

This has TT written all over it…

Yikes. The pink…

Sure hope she sees in time to get!

My husband did not approve.

That is a mighty red rear…

Even more reason.

Now this feels like old school woot off material!

I’m assuming that must be the salt end. OUCH

Just fkn wow…new low for woot

I bought a sent for my mom… having them delivered straight to her. LAWLZ.

You are the hero we need. xD

Maybe I’ll get some of these in my Bag of Cra****p?