BiGR Audio MLB Headphones

The sound quality of these is great.
These really are huge headphones, comfy, but huge.
The lowest I found these for the other day was about ~$100 on Amazon.

If you have a large head, like good quality headphones, get them.

Wow, these are $50 now? I bought this around April and was about $100.

I really don’t recommend these headphones at all. Very big, and loud. If you are in the library and you want to play music or have the sound up to medium to high people around you will be able to hear.
And after 1 month of use the Right Headphone doesn’t work anymore. The wiring of these headphones are weird and the sound quality is OK, but not great, not bad.

$50+ not worth the price, would not again and I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

A less nice version of these is available from cowboom for $39.99

14 teams available.

Yankees headphones on top of the Nats dugout at Nats Park? and no Nats headphones, c’mon!

Why no Cardinals, Woot? They just as big as some of those other teams! Come on! I would’ve bought some.

Shouldn’t it read “Yankees, Red Sox, Giants…Padres?”