Bike Accessories and Carriers

Yakima Skybox 18 is cheaper from Amazon:

$349. main listing is $149 shipping, but there is also a Amazon Prime option.

Research “Sportrack” at Walmart’s website.

It’s owned by Thule and makes good racks for the money. Feel free to mail me 50% of what you save… =)

Schwinn pump has bad reviews at Amazon and no pressure gauge. Really?

I’ve been using MonkeyLights for years… Love them! They kept me safe during my pre-dawn commute, keeping me very visible, and I even used them as a teaching prop for Little Shop of Physics( ), demonstrating “Persistence of Vision” for all the kids… Even got my rear wheel up to 89.6mph on the trainer with them once (I’d removed the friction, just to see how fast I could go riding on the air). Loads of fun!