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Bought 2 Schwinn Wireless bike computers last time and found them actually are WIRED computers. Misleading product description!!

I’m really sorry about that- have you already emailed into so that we can look into your case? If you have the model number of the unit you got and/or some photos of what we sent you, that would definitely help.

I bought two of the Schwinn computers and neither worked.

Looks like the spedometers are $13 at Amazon, with 3.5 stars.

does the INA 387 rack include the crossbars? What do I get to mount 2 bikes?

But the model number matches this one:
The picture is obviously from your link, as is the “12 function”. Quite confusing as to what you’d actually get.

Description also mentions 13 functions. This listing needs to be edited…

I gambled and lost, echyen was right, I received a wired bike computer, NOT wireless.

And to clarify, the picture matches, the description and part number do not.

The model number on the package is SW500NM, NOT the SW569 advertized.