Bike Carriers and Storage Racks

I’d think twice before ever ordering a bike carrier through Woot! again. They sent hundreds of us the wrong model, refused to acknowledge the mistake for weeks, and then told us they were out of stock of the model we ordered and too bad. They finally told us to ship the 40 lb package back to them, with little to no recompense. A month later, after that disaster they offered the same rack again, without notifying any of us that got hosed the first time around. Check it out at

  • Yes bike-rack-gate. I ended up keeping the Double Down but wish i didn’t it is a pain in the butt putting the hitch on and off…that quick release pin on the Ace version would have been worth paying more for sure.

That’s a shame but thanks for the heads-up. The full-tilt model looks great but I’ll shop for it elsewhere (in the Spring)

Wow, I wouldn’t expect that from woot, well they lost a purchase from me as well seeing as I do not like to support poor customer service.

Sorry about your experience hosale. I would have contacted the BBB, seeing as woot is an American based company.

I purchased the Delta Michelangelo 2-Bike Gravity Rack and I have to say it’s either broken or it is just a piece of junk. We put it together, put our bikes on it and it feels so cheap and flimsy. Very disappointed. The description is very misleading. I am hoping that I can return this. Thumbs way down on this one.