bike over canal

bike over canal

good luck!

why is it lasting so long???

Finally. I’ve been trying all day. This is sure to be a disappointment lol.

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OMG! Finally got one!

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will the VOP let me in?

Wow, it’s been years since I got one! Just happened to drop in at the right time!

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Once again missed the BOC box—all day long sigh

Woot Woot!
BOC #18

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Literally been forever since I’ve even tried to get one of these. It was only $5.00 then, so you can imagine it’s been a while. My last one had a $50.00 blender in it that I still use today.


It doesnt make sense. I literally just got the notification. Not even 3seconds and its sold out. This crap is rigged

I was already at the check out page. Then, it said it was no longer available and it was yanked out from my shopping cart. :frowning:

The notifications from the app and from Twitter (I don’t know which one you’re referring to) are delayed.

I’d suggest keeping open in a new tab and then pressing the button to show new/updated posts when it shows up, but if you want to be mobile, it wouldn’t really work.

This is what the button to show new/updated threads looks like:

A lot of people have already got one from Fri-Sun. :slight_smile:

Oh, it makes sense. Limited quantity, tons of people trying.

Also, our feeds publish at different speeds so Twitter might post a bit after the sale is live, for example.

What sucks is i refreshed the chat, nothing, went to the main page, refreshed, and the bag o turds was already sold out.

Yes. It sold out before we could finish processing your order/payment. Sorry.

Ahhhh that makes sense. Well heres to be late to the party! Hopefully the crappiest of the crap has already gone leaving only the golden crap for us late wooters!

Holy cow. Gettin a bag of crap is harder than gluing the wings back on my pet fly! But I’m no quitter, I’ll keep on a tryin


Wow I finally got one again! The last one I bought was July 2010. So excited to see what they are like these days!