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The description for the Yakima 8007187 roof bag has a repeated line in the discription: ‘Fits round, square…’.

Yakima 8002622 Install Video


Amazon reviews are ok but reports of dents

I’m gonna wait and get the oem trailer hitch for my suv just to be safer.

So the Skewer lock ONLY works with the Steelhead Bike Rack, which woot is not selling here. Seems smart…

Yakima makes a universal lock for all other racks, not being sold here…

What are the chances that the Allen 2 bike hitch rack could fit three bikes in a pinch?

Will this rack work for a normal trunk configuration (i.e., NOT a hatchback), like a Honda Coupe?

I have been planning on buying that Michelangelo bike rack for over a year now but I kept waiting hoping the price would drop. I’m pretty excited about this deal XD

I was going to buy the Michelangelo here, but for the extra few $, I bought it from Amazon prime to ensure I get it before the weekend when my new bike arrives.

Yakima Mako Aero Boat Rack System - Comes with two saddles? As in you need to buy 2 sets of these for your car. Very misleading… Very Sad Woot, very sad.

I was thinking of grabbing one of these Yakima roof top storage options, but the reviews (on their own site) aren’t very encouraging for the price…

I wouldn’t say this is misleading at all, at least not on w00t’s account. If you look at the Yakima site they have the same picture used here in this sale (showing two sets). In the features tab is details the fact that you need to buy an additional set for this to work. I myself have a larger wooden canoe that is difficult to lift and move about. Because of this I use one set of rollers and one set of saddles on top of my vehicle. So in this case I am glad you are not forced to buy 4 of these saddles.

I went to the Yakima page (it’s $209 there) and found out that this won’t fit my Prius. Yakima

Check out the discussion on how Woot treats its customers that order Bike Racks from them:

will the Michelangelo bike rack work for beach cruisers?

I just received mine and as far as 3 bikes go, it would be tight but in a pinch everything is tight. I would not set out to put 3 bikes on it but I can see how it could work with extra straps… On a side note, very sturdy if you use the bolt that comes with it to mount it to the receiver hitch.