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Does anyone know which iPhone this fits?

does anyone know how this anchors to the handlebars?

Delta Cycle RS5103 Pablo 2 Bike Rack with Shelf

Handy men and women: Can this be mounted on the outside of the house on brick?

Yes, you’ll just need to buy some masonry anchors and the appropriate size masonry drill bit to drill for the anchors.

I got both the Donatello and the Michelangelo bike stands from the previous woot! sales about a week ago.

Arrived really fast. Very nice stands though I have not added any bikes on the Michelangelo stand.

The Donatello had one issue on one leg. One of the screw holes was not properly drilled. I called up the customer service number and left a message with my email addy… got an email back with some instructions. Tried to follow them - asked to look for a PO# but couldn’t find that sticker!

They got back to me pretty fast and said to forget about the PO# and say they are sending me a new leg.

Just a suggestion that whoever got one of the Donatellos that you check out all the pieces and make sure the drill holes were done properly. Amazon had some reviewers making the same comments!

Great post, good ‘FYI’ stuff. I hate a bad, misinformed review hurting a good product. So franks! Unfortunately I’ve missed out on the Donatello twice now. Curses… (grrrrrr)

lol, I appreciate that.

I have a great TJMaxx near me and have found a couple of Rothko Rolling Bike Stands which are also great products. If you have the floor space I can also recommend them. *or wait and maybe woot! will be bringing back either/both stands - which seemed to do very well… My Rothko Rolling Bike Stand came with a special velcro piece (not pictured here so don’t know if it is included or not) which holds various tire sizes very tight as needed.