Bike To Class

The photo of the Men’s Merge does not look like an 18" frame.

What size is the Schwinn S4024A Men’s Merge 700C? Are other sizes available?

Any idea how tall someone would have to be to fit comfortably on this? I need a bike, but not sure if this is a good fit for me. I’m 5’5.

The frame size of the S4024A is 18". According to our vendor, this equates to a “medium.”

As for other availability, I’m afraid WYSIWYG, but perhaps this will be a good fit. :slight_smile:

its not actually 57% off, this bike usually goes for about $220:

just bought the light helmet this week on amazon for 25!

it’s a good helmet. the visor is a little hard to remove but i think it looks better with it on. the light is a nice touch. the way you fit the helmet is pretty neat. took it for a 20mile ride - the adjustment was super convenient for a more comfortable experience. good vents but it would be heavy for some people, but the price is right! The light alone is enough to make me think about getting this one for a friend. (: