Bikes and Electric Ride-Ons

Too bad the interesting item in the picture isn’t what’s being sold…

Yeah, way to go, Woot!

Ever since I saw this video of the crazy cart, I’ve wanted one.

Why must you tease me so, woot? Whyyyyy?

Well good news everybody, we now have it on sale!

After watching this I went and ordered 2, ummm, for my kids.

Et tu, Woote! extremely disappointed - The red one with completely different specs is in the video and pictured but I received a black one with significant lack of options (e.g. seat belt, etc). Please just picture what we will be receiving we might still buy - Now not so much.

Sorry for the trouble. Please send your situation and order details to, CS can help get you taken care of.

Very disappointed!!! Item in picture is not what was sent to me.They sent me a cheap model with no options. Nothing like what is shown in the pictures. Why can’t you just post the correct picture? Emailing customer service for a refund…

I’m really sorry for the trouble! Please see my post just above yours for CS contact info.