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Just a heads up the Takara is a cheap Kent made bike with an inflated msrp.Low quality junk.

Accessaride (so close…) is actually the paratransit bus service in NYC.

Anyone knows if the “Graber 322 Porter 2-Bike Trunk Rack” fits 2006 Honda Odyssey Van, and if there is a manual or compatibility list somewhere?

Saris (makes Graber) has a vehicle fit guide. See if that helps.

The image in the top section of this product is different than the product in the video in the bottom. Do you know which model is being shipped? Is it this model, that has the gray bike holder straps like the video,

I’m not able to view the video link you posted. Could you provide a link to the actual item you’re referring to?

The video is on the link i was sending is to the manufacturers site. The hooks that hold the bike are black and sideways in the image, but are gray and longways in the video which is also the image on the manufacturers website.

I can most certainly email some peeps for the details, but I’m not sure which bike rack you’re looking at, as there are two available. Please let me know so I can get an answer for you. :slight_smile:

Graber 322 Porter 2-Bike Trunk Rack