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For the love of god people, if you’re looking for a cheap bike rack, give that Graber Porter 2 a shot. I got the Rhode Gear 2-bike rack on a Woot! a few months ago and I really wish I hadn’t. The Rhode Gear holds my bike on the back of my car with barely an inch of Velcro around the frame in only 2 spots. Scares the crap out of me when I hit a bump…

Anyone know if the Giordano boy’s road bike is actually 15" frame? According to Amazon the frame is 16"… Great reviews though here. Boy’s bike is out of stock, but the girl’s bike is $350.

Hey, can someone help clarify this?

The video in the description is for the Saris Porter and the item title says Graber 322 porter, however the description text says “Gerber Graber 2-bike rack” which looks like [this]( Rack/dp/B009H4W1IY).

~$40 difference on Amazon, so I’d like to know which model/item is really for sale here on W00t.