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You never overcome it because there will always be some anus that thinks the roads were built for cars instead of people and will swerve in front of you as soon as they pass, shout at you, throw objects at you, and just be the worthless POS they most likely are in all things.

But, start small, find your own comfort zone. It may sound crazy, but if you’re in a lane that does not allow yourself and a car to occupy the lane safely, take the lane. Let them slow down and pass when they can. Slowing down never hurt anyone.

And remember…

Spread the word.

I think the roads would be safer for joggers & cyclists if, prior to getting your driver’s license, you were required to walk 10 or bike 50 miles on public roads (over time, not all at once). Then every 10 years, another 5 or 25 miles just to remind 'em.

the roads would be safer for everyone if people just remembered who has the right-of-way.

A pedestrian who decides to walk out into traffic and expect cars to stop for them should expect to be scared. at the least. crosswalks are there for a reason.
and if you’re in a crosswalk, cross. don’t fool around with your friends, talk on the cell or chase your kids around. you should have custody of your young ones to begin with.

I have just arrived in Japan on a six month deployment. These bikes are perfect getting around and waaaay cheaper than anything being sold at the exchange. Unfortunately woot won’t ship this to a FPO address which confuses me as woot is owned by Amazon and they will ship this same bike to me. It’s not much of a price difference, but if I can save a buck…

Seriously, there are automobile drivers nearby. They’re killers.

What? It’s a discussion involving bicycles and cars (and now pedestrians). These always require the broadest of strokes. :wink:

Where I live, every intersection is a crosswalk where pedestrians have the right-of-way. You may cross at any point between so long as you yield the right-of-way to vehicles in the roadway, although state law allows city ordinances to prohibit crossing between crosswalks (marked and un-marked).

Interesting read: The Invention of Jaywalking - Sarah Goodyear - The Atlantic Cities

actually I was kinda responding to the post about joggers, and how the world would be safer for them if every driver was forced to walk for a certain distance.

oh it’s the same where I live. crosswalks at every light. my problem in my college town is that students think they can cross just anywhere on the road.
or at walmart. I’m fine stopping for people in the crosswalk, and I expect others to stop for me. outside of the crosswalk people should watch for traffic.

If people had the right-of-way anywhere they saw fit we wouldn’t have crosswalks. and not much driving would get done in the big cities.

You should complain to Woot or just ask Amazon to copy the Woot price. Amazon OWNs both websites now. You are serving our country in a notoriously expensive place to live or drive. Least they could do.

Close mouth don’t get fed.