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Just bought the Caster Scooter, lowest price I found was Wal-Mart at 54.99, so this one wins!

We have several scooters in the garage. That Caster Scooter is the one that gets used most often. When other kids come over to hang out, they always grab that one. Real good deal here.

Bike looked familiar, sort of like a Schwinn Sierra GS… Same specs, more or less, different (nice blue) color. So much for the good part… Never bought a bike from a far away Co. before, and, after this experience never will again. They’re almost all made in Asia these days, and you would think they’d wrap and package frame & parts accordingly. Not so. Box arrived in bad shape, unprotected bike parts were showing. Box itself not sturdy enough for shipping around the world. Was left at my door despite printed warning not to do so if “damaged”. Took many days and plenty of my time (which is still money) to have’m take it back, leaving dealing with FedEx to me. Warning…!