FYI, I bought a bike trailer, same brand, style, etc. at Walmart a few weeks ago for $10 cheaper. FWIW.

Target has the same one for the same price

Does this trailer also convert to a stroller?

I doesn’t appear to be convertible, just collapsible.

Woot. Woot. Woot. What happened to good deals? The women’s bike is only one cent cheaper that your Amazon price, but Amazon has free shipping. I expected more from you! sad face

The Herald may be a nice commuter bike, but there’s no way it’s designed for competitive racing. The straight handlebar and brakes are a dead giveaway.

What a joke woot.

You sold this same model months ago for $30

Now $30 more???

Not cool.

I used to love woot… make me fall in love again. C’mon guys!