Biking For The Schwinn

Two bike sales today, a great way to contrast and compare!

I am 6’8 and live in a city. I just need a bike for biking around, no longer then a 4-5 mile round trip.

I was thinking of the $180 Miramar bike because it seems to be cheap and for comfort, which is what I am looking for. Is this difficult to assemble? Is there a better option which is fairly cheap for a guy my height?

Can you tell me what size large and extra large are? I can’t seem to find the " s.

For the Seneca (not Semeca) what size is this? 20" by any chance?

This is $137.68, shipped, on Amazon.

It’s eligible for Prime. If you don’t have a Prime membership, it’s also eligible for free super-saver shipping (delivery in 5-8 days)–or, pay with a Discover card and get free one-day shipping with or without Prime.

Interestingly (or not), Amazon says the regular list price is $199.00.

Just sayin’

Oops, sorry. Firefox hiccuped and I double posted.

I was going to just edit this to remove the double post, but that’s just boring. So, for your Monday afternoon pleasure, I’ll leave a few uberLame bike jokes. Feel free to post your own!

Why can’t a bicycle stand up on its own?

  • Because it’s too tired! (insert groan here)*

What’s the hardest thing about winning the Tour De France?

  • Coming Out!*

What do you call a professional cyclist who just broke up with his girlfriend?

  • Homeless *

Why shouldn’t bank tellers ride bikes?

  • They tend to lose their balance. *

This one was my son’s favorite (granted, he was 6 years old):

Why can’t an elephant ride a bicycle?

  • Because he doesn’t have a thumb to ring the bell. *

NSF Kids:
Two nuns were riding a tandem bike along Acorn Street in Boston. The first nun, wide-eyed, remarked “I’ve never come this way before!” The second replied, “It must be the cobble stones!”

And, even though you can see the punchline coming a mile away, I leave you with:

While crossing the US-Mexico border, a man carrying two sacks on his shoulders was stopped by a border agent.
“What’s in the bags?”
the cyclist replied.
Of course, the guard had to look. He promptly emptied the bags to find that, indeed, they contained nothing but sand. With everything in order, the man was allowed to scoop up the sand, reload his bags, and continue into San Diego.

A week later, the same man crossed again, once again carrying two bulging bags. The guard demanded to see them, and again they contained nothing but sand. This continued every week for a little over a year, until one day the cyclist failed to appear and never returned again.

A few months later, the guard was in a city bar and ran into the cyclist, who now walked with a slight limp.

After sharing a few drinks and learning the man was forced to retire from cycling due to an injury, the two men became friends. At the end of a night of drinking and billiards, the guard said, *“You know, you really had me wondering. We all knew you were smuggling something across the border, but we couldn’t figure out what. It’s been driving me crazy! Now that you’re ‘retired,’ please tell me! What was it?” *

The man smiled and told him the truth…

*“Bicycles!” *

This bike is not listed on Schwinn’s website. Any idea what size it is? The “700cc” refers to the wheel sizes. I need to know what the bike’s size is. Thanks!

From another site, “Frame Size: Medium (17.5” - 18")"

From the photo it looks like a 50 or 52.

You bet you’re getting a spotlighted post for these. Thank you for the smile! :slight_smile:

Um, at 6’8" you are going to need an XL bike with a special order seat post.

Since Woot continues to use wheel size as bike size on these bikes in the early times of sales there is no knowing what size the Mirmar bike is but at your height your knees will probably be hitting your chin with each spin of the pedal - not a comfortable ride!

As to assembling, depends on how good you are in getting online and finding out what it really takes to properly assemble a bike. I would not trust myself - especially with the brake system and bringing it to a local bike shop will cost about $60 & up.

My suggestion is (as always) at this price point, see if your local bike shop has a used bike (in your size a good steel 70s road bike will be a great find). They will size you properly, let you test ride it & if you plan on riding it in the winter with snow filled roads - put knobby tires on.

Not liking the lack of details on the road bike. It isn’t clear which size it is, and 42 lbs for a road bike seems seriously heavy.

We’re going to see what we can find out about this and some of the other questions up in the thread. Thanks for your patience!

got a few more details from Schwinn customer service re road bike, S2724 Seneca. it was released between 2006-8, frame size medium. approx 26lbs total weight, wholesale $180.

42lbs listed on Amazon is re: shipping weight

Can you please provide the Frame Size for the Schwinn Seneca?

Every Schwinn offer there is ZERO information on frame size/geometry. C’mon Woot that’s basic stuff!

Pretty funny I was just reading an article about gender roles in advertising and come here to find a “boys” red schwinn bike. Cause god knows my girl would NEVER want anything that wasn’t pink with flowers or princesses on it. How about just describing it as a “childs 16” bike". Ya think?

Sorry to burst your gender busting bubble but it’s a “boys” bike because of the shape of the frame. When the top tube is straight from the seat tube to the head tube its called a “boys” bike. When it’s curved or angled down from the seat post to the head, it’s called a “girls” or “step through” bike. This goes back more than a hundred years ago when women almost exclusively wore dresses in public and even biking. To keep them from having to hike up their skirt to mount a bike, the top tube was lowered.

Step Through Frame