Biking Viking

Well at least he’s saving the planet.

… except that Vikings did not really wear horned helms like that…

He would fit right in in that old video game The Lost Vikings.

I want this as my next tattoo.

It’s a cute shirt and idea though, forgot to mention that the first time. XD

Would’ve been more epic if it was a viking on a unicycle.

Hahaha, yes, he looks quite a bit like Olaf! I love those games!

Vikings have the best defensive headgear for biking…

Yeah, because realism is what’s important here. Here on this shirt of a viking on a tricked out bicycle.

So would he be riding a Valkiddie?

Good kid’s shirt, anyway…

I wonder what everyone at Valhalla will think when I roll in sporting one of these!

I read it “Bikini Viking” an am mildly disappointed. Next time.

That’s no viking! It’s your modern day hipster.

I know, but that error is perpetuated everywhere Vikings are depicted and it irks me.

Is Biking Viking going Hiking?
Is Biking Viking to your Liking?
Does Biking Viking plan on Striking…?

Exactly how many times will this shirt ponder retirement before being dragged back from the edge during the reckoning?

Either way I’m sure news of such a decision won’t saturate reputable news networks.

I feel the bicycle warrants a safety recall. I mean, c’mon, how on earth did those pointy handlebars of death make it into production?

This reminds me of Asterix.