Bill Blass Pen and Pencil Gift Box 2-Pack



Miss me?

Froogle Link Minimum Price $9.99

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $35.00 (sorta)

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $14.95 (sorta) Link More pens!

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Bill Blass Pen & Pencil Gift Box 2-Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Bill Blass Pen & Pencil Gift Box - Random Color


eh… highly silly woot… no time to look up tons of pricing…

Pen/Pencil Sets Under $40 on Shopzilla

… sorry if it’s not the best useful linkage in history… but its still useful… wait and see… also… who actually gets gifts like this for other people?.. if you know me… please don’t get me one of these… thanks mucho… hehe.


i am going to write a book with each pen! Thanks woot!


The “enlarge” link is the same size picture as the one on the page haha


Pen and pencil? Is this to counter the expencive woot from yesterday?


ill take the coal


Slippery barrels: no thanks.


Bill “Blah” ? No thanks, I’ll use a wooden pencil and a gel pen.


Oh god. So old people really DO give pen and pencil sets to their grandchildren? I thought that was a myth.


Lol…not coal…ty w00t! Made my night…

Later all!


nice! great gift. and with a 2-for, you could give one and keep one for a measley $15!

$23 shipped on ebay for ONE set…but you get to pick your color

As far as I can tell, Bill Blass is a womens clothing designer. has the same logo as these pens. This makes the pens much less appealing to me, a guy, with no desire to flaunt the name of a high end womens clothing designer. This would also suggest that the pens are just some generic model with this guy’s B’s written on them, so no measure of quality. but, they’re pretty and would maybe make a good gift…for women.

Edit: I didn’t notice the “A.T. Cross” the first time around. If that’s who makes it then these are fine pens. I’ve got a few Cross pens and they’re excellent!


who uses a pen anymore ?
i’ve forgotten to write just type or scribble !


I didn’t know Bill Blass was in the pen game…anyone?


pens are, without a doubt, the best gift to get someone who is over the age of twenty five if you don’t really know what to get them.


…and we just switched over to the paperless environment dreamt of in the 90’s… But, they look nice…


Nice, inexpensive woot for everybody at the office. Ka-ching!


What is this, officemax?


This looks like coal. Dammit