Billing agreement?

My friend ordered me a t-shirt becouse only he had a verified paypal account.

After ordering the T-shirt and logging into paypal, he recieved a message: “you have successfully created a billing aggreement”.
Could anyone tell me what does it exactly mean?

I’m wondering becouse last time i used paypal to pay for something, i simply got a message like: “you are about send $ x to y, click here to proceed”, and after clicking, it was like: “payment complete”. But here i couldn’t even use my account becouse it wasn’t verified, and i don’t know anything about that agreement either.

Sorry if it’s a lame question, and thanks for any response.

its a standard agreement allowing woot to link your woot account to your paypal account

It means they store access to your PayPal account and can access it anytime they want to without requiring you to specifically authorize individual payments. Basically, it allows WOOT to say to PayPal - “hey John said he would give me $20” and PayPal then gives them $20 without asking you if you agreed to give them $20.