Bindle of Carrots

WOW! I mean…WOOT!! I’ve never hit a regular Bucket of Chicken before, only when there’s a video game or choose your own adventure do I stand a chance. This time, I’m trying to snag one, no bots, hitting F5 like a rube…and I towards the end I get through to the info screen! Then to the BIG BUY BUTTON screen! It’s taking forever so I open another window on another laptop and…CURSES! It shows the next item in the wootoff.

But then I go back to the apparently hung computer still waiting to hear from woot…and…POP! Confirmation screen!!! WOOT!!

Got my first bolsa of crayolas! Do I win?

Same happened to me, so once the servers were working again i checked my account…one barrel of coats for me!

I didn’t think I got one since I never got the conformation screen, but 15 minutes later I got the email from Paypal.

Time to get 6 more brown polo shirts.

Yay got a bag of crap :slight_smile:

^ this

Although I got one back in 2008, so when this comes in, I’m going to wrap it up and give it to my brother, of whom has never gotten a BOC.


Looks like I’m having the same experience, it’s showing up in my account screen after much button mashing and nail biting…soooo looks like I got one, now the wife won’t be mad that I spend so much time mashing buttons instead of cleaning!

Dang, missed the whole thing!

OR - Like me, you could’ve tried for over an hour and never gotten past a 503 error.

I never gave up… I just didn’t get one this time. So… meh. I guess.

I want one… this information is correct… 503… 503… 503… 503… 503… 503… give up… go check the mail… talk to the wife… check the lappy… Big Gold Button… click it… 503… 503… 503… 503… confirmed! WTF? How the hell did that happen?

Thanks be the Woot Gods!

I think Woot was trolling.

Trying to weed out the bots and the scripters etc…

That’s probably why it took so long to get through.

I have one in my order history and paypal let me know I paid Woot, Inc $8. So hopefully I got one, no confirmation email though.

Persistence = BOC. Yay.

Yes … yes yes yes yes yes … two in a row!

“dancing in the street” but not in the weird gay way that Jagger did in the MTV video … more in a white guys can’t dance dancing in the streets …

Ok, how awesome is this? Today is my birthday and I got a unexpected bag of crap! It’s birthday crap! Whooo hoooo!

Now I do have to admit that I was one of the really angry people after the last round of bags with the bots seeming buying them all. I even said I was done trying. I will eat my words and publicly apologize to Woot! Sorry!

Thanks again Woot! for my bag and making this birthday a little extra special!

Yes … yes yes yes yes yes … two in a row!

“dancing in the street” but not in the weird gay way that Jagger did in the MTV video … more in a white guys can’t dance dancing in the streets …

Ok, so the crap is over, now tell me what the secret was. I kept reading the stuff in the description and it said you won, but I couldn’t decipher what I was suppose to do. Please tell me!

today’s my lucky day! each screen was accompanied by tons of 503’s and f5f5f5f5. had to check my account to verify i got one since once i hit the big yellow button, f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5, it went straight to the boc prod page. but hey it was worth it! it’s gonna be craptastic!

Been a member since 2005 and man those BOC’s were much easier to get then! You would have a minute or so!

Just got BOC #17! Never got anything REALLY good but its still a blast to wonder whats coming!!!

the hour worth of refreshing finally made it worth it! Still no confirmation email yet but the awesome BOC is definitely listed under my account.

My wife is due in 7 days… If I get a baby and a BAC in the same day, it would be the best day ever!!!

I’m such a loser. :frowning: