Binge Rat

Cute, but I can’t see myself wearing a light yellow shirt.

Is that the dude who did the Darkest Hour album artwork?

yeah thats it, more detail more wow. this shirt just says … I’m cheese, see my rat.
well waybe it doesn’t say that but thats what I got. like wearing a cheesehead hat.

I’ll be sure to send you one for xmas then. ::shudders::

no thanks, never be caught dead in one. if you paid me.

No, I feel like it’s weird. Woot hires really good artists, they just come up with lower quality shirts or something… I was shocked to find that the milk and cookies one was done by the same guy who did the bunny family anomalies shirt on threadless.

Saw it - tried to block it out. That kind of gorgeous just makes me sad when faced with Ralphie the Rat here.

I do have to say I’m disappointed. We had a week and half of Halloween t-shirts (some of which were sort of decent), and only two Christmas shirts, both of which were geared towards a very specific demographic audience. I was really willing to shell out money for Christmas shirts and the overnight shipping costs had the designs been anything other than “thug life wannabee.” And now, two days of rodent shirts, not Christmasy… Sigh…

This shirt is a shame, especially when you look at some of the other AMAZING shirts that the artist has come up with for other places/purposes. Not all of them are my thing, but dammmmn - I’d take a creepy skull over this…thing…any day.

Double post, I know…but I love that shirt! :open_mouth:

Eh Hrm. I only offer up what I feel is a good representation of what I do.

Even then though, the shirts dont sell well… so I dont blame artists for offering up something else since their other work wont be appreciated anyways. you guys can say all that broohaaahaa… but my test proves the statement. ALL my daily designs EVER have been reckoned almost immediately, and most I spend TONS of time on.

sometimes i wonder why i spend 15+ hours on a design when I could probably offer up a 3 hour slapped together design and still get paid 1000.

fact is most people cant tell how much time it takes to make a nevermore shirt vs. something like GM’s fancy work. or at least its because they dont think about it.

end rant.

the rat’s face is super creepy. and just plain gross.

Christmas being a secular holiday, and halloween not, I’m not shocked. I wager this coming derby will be wintry anyway, tho, much as it was last year 'round this time.

The stick figure artiste wonders why good artists come to woot with their C game?

They’ll all be on Monday and Tuesday… watch and see. I’m just surprised we didn’t have a sequel to:

i happen to think this shirt is tha shiznits…in for one

Ugh…this shirt is AWFUL!

Perhaps dreidel Lolcat could come back as a sequel and eat these rodent shirts.

I agree, yours was really really good and it’s a shame it didn’t sell more. But honestly, I feel like sometimes the shirts that artists make aren’t even representative of their style. I’m looking through this guy’s shirts and I don’t see any other shirts even similar to this one. It’s not like a less effort required version of his style, it’s just completely different.


Eh? Do you mean that Halloween is the secular holiday? Christmas has far more religion attached to it, I think. :tongue: