📺 BINGE TV: Woot! CEO Edition

If there is a Mrs. Woot-CEO, she might like some Downton Abbey or Grey’s Anatomy.


Thinking I need to watch anything by Robert Kiyosaki before I am out of cash. :money_mouth_face:

Well…that explains the Tiger King socks that keep popping up in my Facebook feed. Had no idea it was a t.v. show. Must be popular if it is now being printed on socks.:socks::thinking::joy:

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I second Downton Abbey, and the movie!


I love that show! My family is from Nfld and I love seeing The Rock!

Omigoodness yes. The Great British Baking Show is my favorite!!!

REPORTING BACK: Ive only seen 3 episodes and they all seem batcrap crazy. I get the social media hype. It can be funny at times

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:rotating_light:TIGER KING :rotating_light:

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It’s about time. Cripes, that Btch Carole Baskin has probably killed another husband by now.

She got control of the TK’s Tiger Sanctuary, it was in the news maybe last week.
I haven’t watched TK & proably won’t, but the I do notice the headlines

WHat I do want to binge is THE Great British Baking Show I was hooked back when it was on PBS, but I haven’t learned how to find season 1 on Netflix.

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Do a search for great brit s
The Beginnings is Season 1
Great show!


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Great show i love it. The format is great three diff types of baking to decide.

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I recommend What We Do in the Shadows. Can start with the 2014 film of the same name or not. Two seasons completed on FX. It’s a vampire mockumentary. I believe I work with an energy vampire.