Bingo Cards - 12 Pack

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Bingo Cards - 12 Pack
$0.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well now I know what i got in my bag of crap

Shipping kills this deal.



It’s quality items like this that make me wish I didn’t spend my free shipping voucher on other non-awesome products


Indeed, it does.

Should be a good addition to an evenings festivities!

“Punch-through cards?” Does this mean they are a one-time use only set? Sad face.

Perfect for my free shipping code (and to keep the Woot-off moving along till the bitter end)!

Is this kids.woot? First the robot, now this? WTH!

This woot-off has made me very bitter and angry. Verrrrrry bitter and angry.

Again, quite the depressing description. Someone, ship the xanax down to Woot HQ.

It won’t let me select the kids ones, and that is what I want.

50 cents each for a punch-out bingo card?

You can probably get a 50 pack at the dollar store!

So we are not to expect another BOC right?

i can only imagine what O-69 looks like…

whiskey tango foxtrot this is awesome!