Bingo Cards - 12 Pack

B-I-N-G-O and bingo was his name 'o

Same problem over here. I was hoping to get one set of each. Woot gods???

same here! I really wanted one of each!

They only put these on cause of the item on kids woot that has been on there for the last 2 hours that nobody is buying.


Been waiting for this deal all day!

this is a good price considering they are $8 per pack here:

Your better off just buying a Lottery Scratchoff for $1.00 and praying to God you hit the big one. Hey, and you save $5.00 in shipping!! Punch through bingo cards make my brain hurt…

I would have bought three for the church to use in the Children’s department, but the single-use “feature” really makes it hard to justify – even at $8 for 36 (about a quarter a piece).

I predict the bar bingo will be the hottest seller, because it would be funny while drunk, and 25c isn’t too bad for a disposable, humorous coaster. (I’ve almost talked myself into buying a set for New Year’s!)

Ah, it’s late afternoon on Day Two of the Woot-off, the traditional time for the sale of goofy-ass stuff.

Golf balls and Bingo cards ?

What happened ??

$8.00 per pack of 12 on the manufacturer site


Wow! I thought Florida would buy out all these cards.

How come Barista’s not under the “B”??

There was a farmer who had a dog and Bingo was his name-o B-I-N-G-O Oh how fun!!

I think the target market for these are in bed already…

Something tells me these are going to be in everyone’s BOC.

Robots to bingo eh

This just proves the theory that “People will buy anything”… LOL

If only these were free, with $5.99 shipping, I would be SO in.

I pinged one of the powers that be about this, thanks for the heads up. In the meantime, I recommend you drop a note to and see if they can help you out.