Going to Alaska on vacation next summer and need cheap, small, lightweight binoculars. Dick’s online has about 14 pair for under $20. Anyone have any suggestions?


Zeiss, Steiner, and Bushnell have good binocs.


What he said. I’d go somewhere where you can try them out. Maybe google some research so you’ll know what to look for, as far as lens sizes and magnification levels, and blah, blah, blah.


Thank you both.


Do ya just want inexpensive and light . . . or do ya wanna SEE?


Well…thar’s supposed to be whales out thar. I wanna see them. But from what I understand will also be lugging around layers of clothing, purse, et cetera. Not going bird watching - 'ceptin maybe some eagles.


What time of year are ya going?


late August


You won’t have to worry about lugging around lots of extra clothing . . .


Been there then?


Have friends there . . .


northern, southern? Have you been to visit?


Man, what are those?


You WILL need extra clothes and BATHS of insect repellent if you plan on going anywhere other than coastal towns. Mosquito heaven[hell].


Yeah, four days traveling from Fairbanks to Whittier, then a 7-day cruise. Any other hints? I’ve heard about the mosquitos. Heard, too, they’re huge.


There was a recent proposition to amend the Alaskan state constitution to give them voting rights.


Anchorage area. No, I haven’t taken the opportunity to visit.


i heard they were the state bird…


I don’t understand. Around here (Ohio) if we have a mild winter they tell us the mosquitoes are going to be bad because they weren’t frozen out. Now, one would assume that they’d freeze out in Alaska, so how come so many and so big?


If you have ever seen Kenny Rogers live in concert, he tells a binocular joke…