Bio Bidet A5 Non-Electric Bidet Seat

Bio Bidet A5 Non-Electric Bidet Seat



It is $49 dollars. You cannot expect to get A $349.00 bidet for $49

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You get what you pay for

If you want an inexpensive bidet hook your water hose to your water line on your toilet. You can spray and cleanse to your hearts happiness!!!

A clean undercarriage, that’s what.

Cant seem to find at all on amazon…

sold out stuff can be difficult to find on Amazon

Non-electric, eh? Nothing like a shot of 40 degree water up your bung hole in the winter to start the day. Just think how much you’ll save in foregoing starbucks; this will pay for itself in a week.


Plus it doubles as a fun drinking fountain for cool crisp water.


After 13 stores and 175 miles, I’m really glad Woot (saves my hinney) has this bidet. I live in a pretty rural area but I haven’t ever not been able to buy toilet paper when needed. I don’t get the whole stock up on toilet paper with this virus. I mean their isn’t diarrhea as a symptom and the materials to make toiletpaper doesnt get this virus. So what the heck? Anyway I hope this bidet arrives before I use my last roll. Lol

Ehhh…You get used to it to a degree. It is certainly better now than having to worry about running out of toilet paper.

Sold out as fast as the toilet paper at Wally World!


Some half-brain started a rumor that manufacturing facilities were already beginning to shut down, and that toilet paper production was ceasing first for no particular reason.

The quarter-brains believed it, spread it, and acted on it. Then people who are normally smarter than that started doing it, with thoughts of 14-day quarantines and the “logic” that it’s something that won’t expire. You can fill your basement with TP and use it for the next 30 years, but if you didn’t have enough for that two week isolation you’re going to be taking a lot of showers.

I’m not ashamed of myself, I bought one of these. I wanted one for a while, so this seemed like the perfect excuse. I assume ‘non-electric’ means ‘tap-cold’ but realistically I was always the first one in the pool in the spring and the last one out in the fall. I am not afraid. My butt can take it. Literally. And frankly, I’ve wanted to reduce the amount of TP I use anyway, shortage or not…

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Or uhh Poop, there it is

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Lmao… It now comes together and makes sense to me now. What a bunch of nutcrackers. Yeah cause Facebook is all about the place to get all legit news and facts. Geez I wonder if I posted on FB that The One World Order has created this virus for training purposes, gauging our reactions to and how well we follow direct orders for confinement and what have you when they do decide to take over the bottom 99%. Who do you think would be a believable pick to be in charge? Should it be someone from another country, cause you know the quarter-brained wouldn’t fact check it. Lol I’m sorry I’m being naughty. Thank you for your explanation regarding the lack of TP. I did appreciate that.

I bought this. I received it. And I installed it. And you know what? My butt has never been happier. Despite not being heated, it isn’t cold enough to matter. What it IS is delightfully cleansing. Saving TP right now is just a bonus, but I wanted this thing anyway. Highly recommend!

Oh and normally I’d post a pic but… ain’t nobody wants to see this!


I’m relieved your hiney is happy and that you’re flush with joy.

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