Bio Bidet BB-1000, Elongated or Round

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Bio Bidet BB-1000, Elongated or Round
Price: $299.99
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7/28/2016 - $299.99 - Click To See Discussion (13 comments)

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OK, I am having trouble seeing the “Tools and Garden” aspect of this.

Maybe “Home and Kitchen” would have been a better fit? Or even “Electronics?”

That being said, I understand from some lady friends that these are not a luxury item, but a necessity in a civilized house.


So here’s the deal (as it was explained to me on my third day of work)- Bidets are in the Tool and Garden section because they are a home improvement item like a light fixture or faucet.

In general, if you would buy it at Lowes or Home Depot it goes in Tool and Garden. Things you can find at Bed Bath & Beyond go in our Home category. Obviously there will be some objects that walk the line, but that’s never stopped us from trying to make money off of them.

I think it’s hilarious that this thing has a wireless remote. Why on earth would you need a wireless remote for this?

It’s so you can use the functions without having to fiddle with the panel that’s on the seat itself. You mount the remote on the wall next to the toilet tissue where it’s easily accessible, readable and usable.

I bought this last year and it is literally my best purchase of 2016.

Especially this time of year you will rejoice over the heated seat feature.

All the reviews you’ve heard are true: 1) you’ll not want to go on vacation for dread of being away from you BB-1000; 2) you’ll dream about this thing while at work; 3) you’ll never feel cleaner; 4) you’ll look at others without bidets with a bit of upturned-nose revulsion.

*bonus is annoying all your none bidet friends by working into conversations how squeaky clean your butt is thanks to modern science

Only con is that the warm water reservoir is a little small so your 2nd or 3rd rinse could be on the shockingly cold side -invigorating!

A few weeks ago, I bought the BB-600

Have not installed it yet. I believe there was some holiday return offer at that time? Is this model much more sophisticated aside from the remote?

Is it possible, and what would be necessary, to return that one in exchange for this one?

Oh Gosh! You have to read the closed captions of the video. They didn’t fix the auto-captions. …I don’t think they wanted to say that…sound like a wild ride! ;-0

Best woot(s) I ever bought.

Man, y’all love some bidet seats, Woot. All the time.

How long is the cord? Is it a flat cord or round? It is so hard to find pictures of the power cord and where it connects to the seat. I have a shelf between my toilet and outlet. I am trying to figure out if there is a work around for the cord without cutting the shelf.

Still not completely comfortable with the idea of a combination of electricity, water and my nether regions.

Cord is 4’ long with a 3-prong plug. Still waiting on the rest.

Update: Here’s what it looks like.

Of course I’d like a bidet in my garden - or my toolbox. But that 4’ cord though, that’s a bit skimpy.

I want one… I really do… But they’re always white!! Everything in my bathroom is beige and I can’t bring myself to get a white top to a beige toilet.

Then replace the toilet!..make it a chair height while you’re at it!

I had a similar issue. I researched the BB-1000 on Amazon and saw that under “often bought together” a lot of people were also buying an appliance extension cord (like what you might have on your refrigerator) -also for people worried about whether or not they have a GFCI outlet they do sell extension cords with interrupters that provide the same safety benefit.