Bio Bidet BB-1000, Elongated or Round

Got one of these previously on Woot - in the round version - for a small toilet in a new apartment. First bidet modification I’ve ever made to a toilet and was worried it wouldn’t fit well, but I’ve been super pleased with the results. If you’re considering a bidet, this one’s a great deal.

The soft close lid is an unexpectedly nice bonus given my apartment’s weak noise insulation and my tendency to be in a hurry.

I have not used this, but I wanted to say that my dad and his wife have one because they have some mobility issues. Dad just came back from the hospital after a car accident and this bidet seat allows him increased independence and cleanliness using the bathroom. His wife has had back surgeries and has been using this for a while. She loves it.
I never would have thought of this application but it really works so I thought I would mention it.

If you use this in your garden, your neighbors may take offense, not sure what kind of tool this would qualify as, thoughts could be interesting

Six hours! well done wooters!

I feel like we have definitely made progress with this!

Everyone knows woot just misspelled

I have one as well. I was expecting it would improve my overall cleanliness… but I underestimated just how well this works and how comfortable it is! I can definitely recommend it from personal (VERY personal) experience for absolutely anybody.

(for those wondering about efficacy: if your rubber boots were covered with mud, would you wipe it off with paper towels and expect it to be 100% mud free or would you hose them off to get them shiny clean again?)

I recently had a client from the middle east express the virtues of a bidet to me. My wife rolled her eyes when I told her, but I’m still interested. The catch with them is electricity. I rarely see an outlet within 3 or even 6 feet of the toilet. Snaking an extension cord around is inconvenient, ugly, frowned upon by the NEC, and in my bath, could create a trip hazard on the floor. So, I have to fish wiring through the attic and down the wall. Sheesh! My wife says “Forget that …” But, I’m still considering this. This price seems pretty good.

Got one of these here last go around (and paid slightly more) and can’t recommend it highly enough. Once you use one, you’ll find the old way of doing things positively barbaric. Best thing to happen to the potty since they moved the things indoors. Oh, and that “vortex” function? They mean “enema”.

call an electrician. I paiid $100per to have outlets installed in two bathrooms.

There was a bidet seat at my prior workplace and it was wonderful. The ENEMA option/icon on this one is a little troubling though…

I actually looked it up in the manual. It looks like it’s also called Vortex/Turbo mode, but yeah it’s exactly what it sounds like judging by the instructions.

I’m tired of explaining it. You take this one.

if there is a light switch nearby or on the outside of the wall it can be easy to add an outlet

Alternatively a light socket could be something you could tap into ​for power.