Bio Bidet BB-1000 - Elongated or Round

I was mad that I didn’t jump on this when it was posted a few weeks ago, but now I’m in the same boat of asking myself if I really want to drop $300 on a toilet seat right now.

It will be the best $300 you ever spent, trust me. The vortex wash is no joke.

Most excitement you’ve seen since your finger poked through the toilet paper?

LMAO, thanks for jump starting my day.

Jokes on you, bud! I don’t need toilet paper anymore.

TP is the absolute worst once you’ve used a bidet. blech.

Can anyone help decipher the fit guide? I’m not sure if my toilet can handle either one. I’ve looked at the guide and I’m usually pretty good at these things, but something not clicking for me.

can you post a picture of the toilet here? or a link of the toilet type you have? Make and Model?

That’s the model I have. Sure, it says elongated, but I want to be double sure it will fit before dropping the cash.

This guide is also seemingly helpful and I’ll print off and take home from work with me…

get the elongated, from what bio bidet told me, elongated seats are standard dimensions in bowl shape and the flange area in front of the tank.
Round toilets are not standardized this way.

I have a bidet seat. Spent a little less than this at Costco. It’s one of the biggest things I look forward to when coming home from a trip. Hell, it’s one of the main things I look forward to in the weekends when I can slurp down 3 cups of coffee and enjoy 30 minutes of me time in the bathroom. In the winter, I sit down without a worry because the warm seat will gently cradle my butt. It’s welcoming, “here,” it says, “sit on my elongated ring-shaped face.” The gentle wash, warmed to my preferred temperature is like tickling fingers of angels in the most non-molesting way possible. When I have to poop elsewhere, it’s just a hurried, embarrassing affair. Like trysting a $10 prostitute behind the dumpster. Get in, get down, get out. Don’t look back, never look back.

Anyway, yeah, I don’t have this particular model and can’t say anything first hand about it, but the bidet seats in general, they’re awesome.

I’ve got this one. It’s so wonderful. I picked it up from Woot a while back, and the wife looked at me like I was crazy.

Neither of us want to do our business anywhere else now. It really is the best home purchase we’ve ever made. Warm seat when it’s cold out is quite nice as well.

I’ve tried for the past 12 hour to contact someone to buy this item is it still where i can buy one ??? I had problems with my password

I’m sorry, the sale ended at midnight.