Bio Bidet BB2000 Electric Bidet Seat

4.7 Stars over at The Home Depot

Amazon really pushes the bidet on Woot. Wonder if they are trying to tell us something?

gotta love a Bidet in tools and garden

I never thought of a Bidet as a tool or a garden item. I suppose if you had a really deluxe garden but I don’t know.

Does it come with two remote controls (so you can surprise people or get them to hurry up)?

We bought a 1000 almost a year ago on Woot. Best purchase ever on Woot. My brother has bought 2 now. You haven’t had a good dump until you have one of these. It’s the icing on the cake, so to speak.

From the product manual…“When using Posterior or Feminine Washing functions, pressing the “MOVE”( , )
button will provide a short-motion, front to back oscillating spray for a much wider cleansing
•You may change the position of the Oscillating spray by pressing the “MOVE”( , )
button again and “Front”( ) or “Rear”( ) buttons simultaneously.
•Push the “MOVE”( , ) button again and the oscillation motion will stop automatically”

Can you imagine having to write these instructions? Yes, it does talk about rectums too…