Bio Bidet BB2000 Elongated

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Bio Bidet BB2000 Elongated
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I was in Europe for the first time last month… Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, and France, and I figured that I might encounter a bidet somewhere in my travels. I did not.

So, why over the traditional TP and wet wipe is this any better? It seems, at least in the countries that I visited, they are converting to our methods. Why then would we switch to their OLD methods?

Check out this review over at

We love ours! Three bathrooms in our home. Two of these toilet seats installed. Guess which toilet NEVER gets used?

Reviews over at Home Depot

How is this a tool or a garden item? I wish they’d stop pushing stuff that doesn’t sell in another category. I would classify this as “HOME”.

Wet wipes are an environmental disaster, this is well documented. They do not biodegrade and clog wastewater and septic systems.

There is no comparison between washing and TP. we are the most tech crazy country in the world and we still use 1860’s hygiene tech.

This purchase will change your life…

I would say stand-alone bidets are no longer practical when swash seats are available.

Bidet = Home Improvement
Home Improvement = Tools

It magically appears in the category it chooses… it was in “home!” before, too, no?

Is a bidet a tool or for garden use ? Seems more appropriate in the home section

I think that was back before we had Tools but yes, we do have some crossovers and they drive me nuts too.

Too expensive. I’ll hold out for the refurb. <.< >.>

No one wants to be walking around home depot looking at the brown spot on your a$$…

That is how this is tools and garden…

Seriously…Why is this worth $4xx vs the 2xx or 3xx versions sold weekly on previous woot attempts…Just wondering…

Vibrating music or something while it cleans???

I just cannot get over the feeling of it washed someone else’s @SS and then you buy it off them to wash yours.

I dont think they actually sell refurb ones. Ive never seen a refurb one here.

What about if you buy a pre-owned home with a bidet?

Best answer yet.

You could contact the manufacturer and get a replacement seat “ring” if you like. But really, nobody who owns a bidet is leaving it behind(pun intended).