Bio Bidet BB2000 Elongated

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Bio Bidet BB2000 Elongated
Price: $439.99
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Yes, we know that a bidet is not a tool.
Yes, we know that a bidet doesn’t work well in a garden.

And yes, we know that your local hardware store (Tool & Garden) carries home improvement stuff like bidets.

Carry on.


Wow TT, you didn’t waste any time with the disclaimers. :stuck_out_tongue::joy:

sooo… is this a tool, or to be used in the garden? That’d make for one hell of a conversation piece in the gazebo!

I own one of these and when I had my back surgery followed by shoulder surgery it is a blessing to own. When I had my back surgery, I did not own one, and wish I did. Then when I was scheduled for shoulder surgery, I immediately ordered one, THANK GOD !!! It is very embarrassing asking for assistance, and if you live alone, like I do, it is imperative that you have one. I paid almost twice the price, and I don’t regret it at all. Every home should have a bidet.

Even with a preemptive post by woot…EVERY DAMN TIME.

For the amount of times a bidet has been featured on this site, you’d think that every bathroom in the U.S. would already have one!

They should. probably the best purchase I have made on woot. Once you o bidet, you can never go back!!

best woots I’ve ever made. Hate using a toilet away from home!

Has anyone had their bidet stop working? How was tech support?

What is the average cleaning time? Or do you control how long it goes?

There is an “Auto” setting which gives you a 30 second wash and a one minute dry, but that setting is about useless.

It has several other wash modes which are two minutes and can be run as many times as you need. The nice thing about this seat is the “hybrid” heating system for the water, which means you never run out of warm water.

The dry sessions are three minutes and can also be repeated.

All cycles can be stopped by simply pressing the stop button on the remote, or in the case of the drying cycles, simply stand up and the butt sensor in the seat will tell the drying cycle to shut off.

The remote gives you a countdown time at the start of each cycle, so you know how much longer the cycle has to run.

As others have said, once you have one of these bidet seats you’ll never want anything else. I’ve had mine in use for about a year, and I don’t ever want to go back to the “old-fashioned” way.

This is a good price, too. It’s currently running $700 on the mothership.

Mine has worked fine for the year it’s been in use, but I did contact tech support for a minor issue. I was quickly connected to an agent who spoke perfect English and solved my problem right away.

how does this do with “hard” or very high iron water? will it clog up easily? i normally have to soak my shower heads every other month in vinegar to get the “pores” all reopen and spraying water

you must purchase bidet filters(mothership or just google).
Looks like a small cartridge filter that goes between water supply hose and valve.