Bio Bidet (Integrated) White Elongated

wow this looks fantastic!

These are around 10,000 Euros when bought in Japan. This looks like a true bargain as long as you don’t need the installation manual.

You don’t kneed the installation manual. What worries me is A)how long will service be available for this and B) if it needs repair you’re basically without a toilet for an indeterminate amount of time.

This is a great looking toilet, I have a bathroom remodel coming up and I would love to have an all-in-one unitl like this.

We have rented many “villas” that have both bidets and average toilets. The bidet sitting there without a cover, give a blah look to the bathroom

This looks like the solution for those that want a bidet combined with the toilet and to not have the look of a typical, manually run bidet.

I don’t know about the cost overseas or on here.

UK links on EBAY one explains the combo. I’m sure there are US links too