Bio Bidet Simplet BB70 Seat Attachment

I don’t understand this writeup. It says: “today we are selling a thing to make your bidet even better.” But this thing is a bidet. If I already have a bidet, I don’t need this.

Did the person who wrote today’s writeup think that this item is some kind of accessory to add to an existing bidet? Or am I missing something?

I actually have this exact model. I got it on woot ages ago and it’s great. It doesn’t have any of the fancy features that the more pricey bidets come with, but that’s okay with me because I didn’t want to fuss with electrical outlets (my bathroom doesn’t have one in a useful location) or rerouting the hot-water connections. It serves my needs perfectly well.

I think they were making a joke. 'Today we are selling a thing to make your day (bidet) even better."

Based on the write up I thought this was some sort of add on pressure pump. A more accurate and helpful write up would be centered on the best feature- no electricity required.

This write up is confusing at best, misleading at worst

Hi there. Sorry about the write-up. A bit of miscommunication. We’ll replace it.

Hey folks,

I misunderstood the product name and wrote a write-up that didn’t make any sense. Sorry about that. I’m so used to Woot selling bidets that are over $100, that when I saw the price of this item, plus the part of the title that said “Bidet Seat Attachment” I just assumed it was an attachment for a bidet. Womp womp. Sorry again.

Why isn’t this under Tools & Garden?


To the corner.

This is the funniest thing I have ever read on this entire website. YOU WIN.