Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat

sold out! Sorry

Most of the parts are made in China but it’s assembled in Korea…

It doesn’t matter now anyway since I would need the round version and I read that they are sold out. This gives me more time to research different brands and decide what I want. I like the idea of multiple user settings and this BB-1000 doesn’t have that feature.

@roadijeff Ours has multiple user settings but we dont really use them. We came down to the BB-2000 and Brondell Swash 1400, and got a damaged box deal on the latter in February (talk about good timing). We paid $380 on amazon. I’d keep my eye out here and also on amazon for damaged boxes! Our box was barely even nicked and everything inside was perfect.

I first used this type of bidet when I was on a long term work assignment in Korea a few years back, and have been looking to get one for some time, then this great deal came up.

Super fast order processing and shipping
Ordered on 6/6/20 and delivered on 6/9/20

I installed a GFCI outlet in by toilet myself at a cost of around $35

This ships directly from the manufacturer.
S 7900 IL ROUTE 31

CRYSTAL LAKE, IL, 600148171, US

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I just called Bio-Bidet who confirmed WOOT! is an authorized seller, so no warranty issues. I do suggest you call them as then will then help register your purchase so they can look you up by e-mail or phone number.

I’m happy with my purchase as I have wanted a Bidet for some time, having used them in both European and Japan travels. The install was a bit of a hassle with leaks on their adapter fitting setup. I had to exchange the 3/8-1/2 adapter seat gasket that came with it with a thicker version. I ended up using a aucet washer from my plumbing parts repair kit (think of the old time faucet washer with the screw in the middle). Once I got that resolved, the rest was easy.

I do wish the adapter fitting had a shutoff valve on the branch leading to the Bidet, and possibly a quick disconnect to make taking the seat off for cleaning easier. Parts are available to do so, so I guess I’ll have to make that happen myself.

That said - IT WORKS GREAT, so now “Baby got WASHED back!” LOL


I had the same issue with the 3/8” adapter. The rubber washer they included just collapsed into the valve body when tightened. After that I didn’t trust it. Tomorrow I am expecting a bidet valve from the mothership that will connect between 7/8” toilet supply and the toilet tank. Link below.

SOMDARHK T-adapter with Shut off Valve, T Adapter Bidet, Bidet Valve Adapter for toilet sprayer with Bidet T Adapter

Glad to hear it! I bought the one offered today (less fancy model, lol), so I’m happy about that. I’ve been wanting a bidet for awhile, so I’m thrilled about finally getting one! I’m relieved I had my bf measure the toilet; I could’ve sworn we had an elongated one, turns out it’s round.

Installed this unit a few days after we got it. My wife and I really like it. The installation instructions were great and all the water lines/fittings were included. Once i installed the gfci in the wall, the rest was about as complicated as putting on a new toilet seat with a water line. Very simple to get up and running and it works fantastic!!