Bio Bidet Supreme Bidet Toilet Seat

It seems that no one wants to talk about cleaning their posteriors on woot, or at least comment about items that help you keep your bottom nice and clean.

I will, they’re probably the greatest woot purchase I’ve ever made. I’ll never be without one.
actually, woot offers them so regularly that I’m tired of singing the praises of bidets. Toilet paper is disgusting, I hate going away from home.
Tech crazy country, still using 1840’s toilet tech.

Ummm, What is a “French Curve?” I have a one piece toilet and there is a warning that these won’t fit if they have a French Curve, but even Google doesn’t help me figure out what a French curve toilet is.

Vendor says:

I have the Santa Rosa Kholer one piece Toilet and it fits perfectly on it! I guess they are worried about it being one piece as much as the curve on the toilet itself that could cause it to not fit properly.


Having dominant hand surgery. Wiping sucks with your non-dominant hand. I wonder if I could do a crowdfunding event to get me one of these? This would be a great gift for someone with arthritis.