Bio Bidets - Your Choice

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Bio Bidets - Your Choice
Price: $267.99 - 292.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, May 08 to Wednesday, May 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Time to learn all about the Bidet and learn all about the Prestige model

Comments from a previous offer

Hits the bullseye everytime!

How is this tools and garden? SMH

[MOD: Home Improvement]

Stools and Garden

I’m pretty sure all of these models are pretty much behind the times as far as bidet technology goes. None of these models have unlimited warm water like the Coco Bidet 9500X. Come on woot stop helping companies sell their outdated technology and making it look like it’s a great deal.

Why doesn’t Woot ever offer bidets made for round seated toilets? I’m frustrated.

You said exactly what I was going to say too. In fact, I’d like them to separate tools from garden as this is a big category. But to put a Bidet as their promotion really sucks. This is closer to a HOME item than a t/g.

We purchased 5 last time it was available on
I would not have bought any had I known that it markedly reduced the water pressure. Even worse, the Dry function is a joke. The latter is one major reason why I chose it but it is absolutely ineffective. The flow is of air is very week and too low considering the height of the seating.
I’m putting up with one and have actually replaced the other one with the old manual one we had. The other 3 are still boxed.

Looking to get rid of one? I’ll pay shipping! Lol

“behind” the times…LOL

[DJ places 45 rpm record on turntable and plays the instrumental “Wipeout.”]

How big is your house?

Who sits on the toilet long enough to get a therapeutic session on their backside?

anyone who owns a bidet. In fact, when you get around to buying one, you’ll curse yourself for waiting.

going away from home becomes a traumatic experience.

I personally enjoy how well this ties in with the panties sale.

The specs say it uses 600+ watts of electricity. Does it pull that much juice to heat the water 24/7? Anybody have any idea how much it costs to own this puppy?

Ok, that’s funny.

FYI: Tools & Garden includes Home Improvement.

I can see you’re new around these parts. That’s kinda what we’ve been doing since day one.