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Bio Bidets - Your choice
Price: $242.99 - 279.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Dec 30 to Monday, Jan 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page for the BB-400 model

Why is it that when you BB 400 model the style option only lets you select the round version. when you select the BB 400R (round) model then you only get style of elongated. so what are we buying the round or the elongated? Very confusing! The person who setup the options had too much eggnog.

[MOD: It’s fixed. Thanks!]

I don’t see a drying feature on this one

Both models have it - it’s the fan shaped icon on both remotes.

What does the R-suffix mean, as in BB-1000R and BB-400R? Does it mean Refurbished? I initially thought that it may mean “Round,” but if so, why would you need to select the shape as well? WOuldn’t “R” automatically mean that the seat is round? Furthermore, if you choose BB-400R, Elongated is the only option. And if you choose, BB-400, then Round is the only option. In other words, R cannot mean, “ROund,” so I’m unclear as to what it denotes. Usually, such suffixes denote either “Refurbished” or a color.

My understanding is that “R” means “Resplendent.”

When I saw the fan icon, I assumed that it was a special Drone feature. I’m using a small tablet so all I saw were the letters, “DR…” and assumed that it was “DRONE,” but I guess “DRY” would make sense too.

Are these covered by the manufacturer’s warranty??

Do these somehow heat/warm the water for the spray?
How long is the electrical cord for this?
Thanks, wooters!

It should be fixed now. Sorry about that. We will hold back the eggnog next year.

We’ve updated the model/style so they match up. Sorry for the confusion, Wooters!

Yes, indeed. We show the warranty at the end of features on our sales. This one is:

Warranty: 3 Year BioBidet

I’m still confused. Why do we need to choose a Style if choosing the model (with or without R) already chooses round or elongated for us? Are you giving us the illusion of variety and choice?

Category: tools & garden? Well I guess it’s sort of like a garden hose.

Yeah, it could have been set up better or at least have you choose the style first.

Round vs R is more clear though.

There’s one in every bidet woot…

You know it. :wink: