Bio Fusion

I’ve been a member of woot for many years, long before Amazon took control. This is the first time that I’ve purchased an item and the description on the box was not the same as woot. This item was described as “Durable: Can withstand shots from all calibers”. However, when you look at the packaging, it states “Rated for .22 caliber soft nose lead bullets only”. To me, the product description I went off of is very misleading. The main reason I purchased this was to fire a rifle or hand gun, and now I’m questioning if it will hold up if it’s only rated for a .22 caliber gun.

I’m sorry that this product was not what you expected based on the description. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance. Please include a photo of the product you received so that our Customer Service team can see the difference between the product description and the product received.